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The Movie Crew

What Movies Did You Watch This Week?

The Movie Crew

the Usual Suspects

What Movies Did You Watch This Week?

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First time views are bold
The Reef - Netflix Instant
I really had a lot of fun watching this; but then again, I have fun watching almost anything involving shark attacks so that really isn't high praise. The gist: after their boat capsizes, a foursome are stranded in the middle of the ocean. Two options; hang out on the overturned and sinking boat, or swim for land that they can't even see. All but one of them choose the latter. It's not long until a shark starts stalking them. If you liked "Open Water", it's worth a look.
Personally: 7-10 (with my shark bias)

Mega Shark vs. Crocosauras - Syfy
I admittedly didn't follow this one too closely. It was on, I needed to look at something. Hey, shark! (Oh, shhhh...I forgot, Jaleel 'Urkel' White was in it!)
Personally; 3-10 (prehistoric sharks don't get bias points)

Swamp Shark - Syfy
Sensing a theme? I really liked this one; up there with "The Reef", but a completely different kind of movie. Where "The Reef" was more of a it could happen to you! movie, this one is just an over-the-top ain't no way in hell! flick. As you could guess, a shark ends up wrecking havoc in a fresh water swamp. Kristy Swanson, as a gator-park owner, kicks ass. And Gary Sinise's daughter, Sophie, plays her younger sister. She's kinda cute!
Personally: 7-10 (more silly shark bias)

Twin Peaks - Netflix Instant
I finished watching the series today, and absolutely loved it. It makes me want to catch up on all of Lynch's work (and makes me crave a sequel; come on!) I was prepping myself to hate the way it ended, because so many people have told me how disappointed they were. Well, I'm disappointed that I only have the feature film "Fire Walk With Me" left to watch, but I loved how it ended! Not an ideal ending, but considering it was cancelled rather than allowed to run its course, I was happy.
Personally: 10/10 (there were a lot of storylines that couldn't be wrapped up, but I blame the network more than the show for that)

Super - DVD
NOT what I expected! Gorier, more violent and darker than I would have ever guessed from the little I knew about it. I almost shhhh when . Did NOT see that coming!
Personally; 9/10 (a helluva fun ride, check it out!)

  • The Reef was pretty good. I concur with your review. Except I think there were 5 people, but that's neither here nor there. What I learned from this movie? When going out boating make sure you have at least 4 other people with you and the more people you have, the better your chances of survival are.

    Hope you enjoyed your shark-a-thon!

    Twin Peaks I really thought you'd like this and I am glad you did. Who were your favorite characters? I don't recall what Kyle was in that made me sour on him, but this certainly wasn't it! It was some time after this series. Special Agent Cooper was a favorite of mine. After that Chief Gordon Cole - Lynch was awesome in this role and I wish he had been in it more! Then the Log Lady prolly cause I thought that was too funny. I was David Duchovny had been in it more.

    Super UGH! Another movie I need to take out of your box. I've been wanting to watch this movie for some time now!
  • Good movie reviews. I am always down for a decent shark movie! And I already had Super on my queue, though I think I am going to be moving it on up the list!
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